I Am Vorlati



Taken from Chapter 2 of the second edition of Elista Horen Kalenze’s New History Of The PsiMecha Uprisings, initially published in 2289.

Although the reasons for the First Uprising of 2204 are well-established, little is known of the actual fighting; few records even of the human side’s version of the war survived the Purge of 2256. We do, however, know how it ended. One of the leaders of the Uprising, a SynSys Psicraft known as Vorlati, managed to upload an account of the chain of events to the mainframe by using a long-term memory circuit undetectable by human psensory filters.

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On Burnout and the Catch-22 of Clinically Significant Impairment


(This will probably be something of a formless ramble, which is probably because my thoughts on it are something of a formless ramble, but I need to write it down somewhere and apparently that somewhere is going to be here.)

It’s been two years, give or take a few weeks, since my last post here. Back then I was writing full-steam ahead. I could knock out 1000 words of flash fiction in half a day. I was 15,000 words into a novel with ideas for two others waiting for me to have the time. And I was always, always reading. I usually had two or three books on the go at once. And then I hit a wall.

I thought it was writer’s block. Turns out it was autistic burnout.

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